The cabin is located 40km west of Kiruna, Sweden in a village called Laukkuluspa.

To get to the cabin you have to cross lake Laukkujärvi by boat, and in the winter by ski or snowmobile.



The cabin is secluded at the foot of the mountain Biedjaschǒkka and you find awesome fishing water and trails in the nearby area.


With the boat that's included in the rent you can go fishing in Laukkujärvi, both upstream and downstream.


After a great day in the forest, hiking, or fishing you come back to the cabin and start the fire in the sauna. Having a warm sauna bath and clean you up is the greatest end of the day.


The fresh catched fish you can cook on the barbeque or use the fishsmoke.

The cabin consists of one room with a kitchen area, sleeping area, dining area and living area.


Kitchen is equipped with fridge/freezer, stove/oven, microwave, coffeemaker and other household items.

There are two sofa beds, a bed, kitchen table, fireplace, wood burning stove.



* Electricity included

* Freezer

* Pets are welcome

* Refrigerator

* TV

* Fireplace


* Network coverage for mobile phone

* CD-player

* Porch

* Plumpsklo

* Barbeque

* Sauna

* Fish smoker

* Cooking facilities

* Coffemaker

* Microwave

* Suitables for 4 persons

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